ramona_tree_trust_logoThe Ramona Tree Trust is a non-profit public benefit corporation organized for the preservation, stewardship, replacement and new planting of trees and native vegetation within the Ramona Community Planning Area, Ramona, California.


Incorporated in 2000 under the laws of the State of California, and under federal tax laws, the Ramona Tree Trust is a 501 (c)(3) charity located in Ramona, California within San Diego County.


The Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who live in the Ramona. The Trust’s volunteer board members are dedicated to the greening of this historic western town. Past board members have included: Regina Wilson, Ann Varnado, Roy Hashberger, Kristine Hoyt, Kevin McNulty and Carolyn Dorroh.


The Ramona Tree Trust supports the local community in a variety of ways, most notably in its tree planting and preservation work. Trees have been planted in public areas throughout Ramona under its auspices since 1993 and, following the Trust’s incorporation in 2000, continue to be planted both by the Trust itself and through the award of grants from the Trust to organizations, groups and individuals for that purpose. All trees planted by the Trust and projects awarded grants by the Trust are for tree planting in public spaces only.


Since its incorporation in 2000, the Trust has awarded grants for tree planting projects at the Ramona Airport, Collier Park, Montecito High School, and the “D” Street project, among others. The main focus of the Trust in the last decade has been tree planting on Main Street within the historic Colonnade in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS). The Trust has planted trees on Main Street in a dedicated effort to restore Ramona’s historic Colonnade, a well-known landmark throughout the county and made up of more than 300 heritage trees.


Since 2002, the Trust planted some 70 trees on Main Street and has been recognized by the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) for these plantings by an overhead sign placed on Main Street, in the Old Town section. Trees planted by the Trust have been hand watered over the years, including the trees in front of the newly constructed Ramona Library.


Additionally, the Trust has become a volunteer steward of the 100-year-old historic Colonnade, planted by Ramona settlers who wanted to create a greener, cooler Ramona for themselves and generations to come. The Colonnade replanting is the top priority of the Trust so that future Ramonans will continue to enjoy the gift of this unique tree canopy bequeathed to Ramona by its pioneer founders.


The Ramona Tree Trust welcomes citizen's ideas and volunteer participation in ongoing and new projects. The Trust itself is a volunteer organization and honors the contributions of volunteers who want to make a difference now and for the future. For more information about the Ramona Tree Trust, including grant applications, contact us through this website.