Diane Conklin: President

President of the Ramona Tree Trust since the Trust was incorporated in 2000, Diane began working as a community volunteer in Ramona after moving to the area in 1999 from years living abroad in Europe. Her decision to live in Ramona was influenced by the hundreds of Historic Colonnade trees lining Main Street. Driving for the first time down Main Street, she recognized that someone cared about the town – and this was decisive in her decision to locate here. Soon afterward she worked to incorporate the Trust and to arrange the necessary finances to carry out the Trust’s work of preservation and planting. Under her leadership, the Trust has planted 60 additional trees in the Historic Colonnade and has also granted funds for other tree plantings around town.



Julie Iavelli: Treasurer



Born and raised in San Diego County, Julie moved from San Diego to Poway in 1943 when it was a rural community with a three room schoolhouse. She attended Escondido High; Poway didn't have a high school. She graduated from San Diego State College with a general major in anthropology, geology and geography to which she later added a teaching credential. She lives on her 11-acre Certified Wildlife Habitat in the eastern part of Ramona. A member of the Ramona Tree Trust for seven years, Julie’s duties as Trust treasurer are her way of working to preserve the beauty of the area for generations to come.





Chris Anderson: Secretary

Chris Anderson- Ramona resident since 1985, California native. Realtor, California Association of Realtors Director, Land Use & Environmental Regional Rep., Ramona Community Planning Group (served 14 years), Ramona Design Review Board (served since 2006). Passionate about maintaining Ramona's rural beauty and quality of life. The Main Street Colonnade is such a treasure from generations long ago and it is our duty to maintain and/or enhance it for future generations to cherish.

Kevin McNulty:
Tree Trust Member Emeritus

Kevin McNulty was born in the LA area and moved to Ramona at age eight. His first memory of Ramona was of awakening in the back of his folks' 64 Chevy Bel Aire station wagon and seeing the flickering of sunlight through Colonnade trees. It was 1972 and there was not one single traffic light in Ramona. Kevin graduated from Ramona High School in 1982, then studied forestry at Humboldt State while serving as a small boat engineer with the US Coast Guard Reserve. After marrying Carolyn in 1989, Kevin was a stucco contractor, but he retired in 1998 to build a house and home school son Colin. Kevin is a stay at home dad whose many hobbies include bike riding, growing oak trees, and eating Mexican food. In 2000 Kevin became a founding member of the Ramona Tree Trust and during the past decade volunteered countless hours to the hand-watering of trees planted by the Trust in the historic Colonnade.


In Memoriam: Roy Hashberger, Founding Member
In Memoriam: Roy Hashberger, Founding Member, Ramona Tree Trust, 2000 - 2009.